Ben Dolic: Interview in Englisch

NicoLASVEGAS: Dear Ben, thank you for taking the time for the interview. Your new single will be out in a few days. Can you tell me what it’s about?

Ben: Stuck in My Mind is about a conflict between your head and your heart. You’re fighting with yourself, being in a relationship whilst facing an internal struggle. You come into many situations thinking a person may be good to you but they are not, so you’re reliving every moment in your memory, questioning every decision you’ve made.


NicoLASVEGAS: Can you reveal something about the creation process and who did you work with?

Ben: It was created at a writing camp in Brighton, where we were working on many different songs. It came very unexpectedly since we were sharing our focus on many different projects. I worked on it with songwriters and producers from all over, which made finishing the song over Zoom a little easier.


NicoLASVEGAS: Can you already reveal something about your future plans?

Ben: My plans right now are to release lots of new music, which is really exciting for me. I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on with my fans. As of right now, everything else is top secret. 😉


NicoLASVEGAS: Are you already working on an album? Can you already say more about this?

Ben: For now, the focus is to develop myself as an artist and learn as much as I can when it comes to making music. As far as the album goes, I want to take some more time to develop myself. I will focus on singles for a while until I’m ready.


NicoLASVEGAS: Would you want to take part in Eurovision again or do you rule that out completely?

Ben: Performing for Eurovision was always a dream of mine, so I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to represent Germany last year. I think I achieved my dream from this alone, despite the circumstances and it has pushed me forward to try something new and establish myself as an artist. I want to thank everybody for the support and for this opportunity and for believing in me.

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